Changing the Way You Work



Pick up and lock onto your attachments without getting out of the cab. Chuck's hydraulic pins quickly and securely lock the attachment into place.



Now that you have a firm grip on your attachment it is time to give it power. With a flip of a switch and a roll back, the Chuck's patented slide & lock hydraulics self-align and lock together. The flat face couplers join and your attachment is live.



You are now ready to get to work. Your attachment is securely fixed in place and the hydraulics are connected. The best part, it only took a matter of seconds and you didn’t get out of your seat.

When the next job comes along it is just as easy to disconnect and switch to the next attachment. No more wrestling with difficult and dirty hydraulic connections. You just drop and pick up attachments as you need them without leaving your seat.



Changing the game, and the way your operation works - the way it should be, with the HLA Chuck.

Chuck is a game changer. With FULLY automatic engaging and disengaging of hydraulic attachments, the operator never needs to leave the safety of the cab.


When an attachment doesn’t need hydraulic power, the slide & lock system engages with the automatic guard. This prevents damage and protects against contaminants from entering the system.

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